When To Replace Your Mud Tires?

So I am dealing with this right now on my truck, and considering how expensive a new set of tires is, I want to get the maximum use out of my tires before replacing them.

So after a bit of research I found two things to consider.

1. Many tires have a wear indicator (just a piece of rubber) that goes between the treads. When that starts wearing down, it’s time to replace those tires.

Here is a short video I made showing the wear indicators on my truck:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RhLGKUo6QI

2. The penny technique. Take a penny, turn it upside and put it in your treads. If you can see the tip of Abe’s head, time to replace the tread.

Here is a video with the penny technique:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOaeBNU9lnE

Tundra Pulling Jeep Out Of The Sand On Our Latest Kayak Fishing Trip

Check out this video I made with my new Sony Exmor Steady Shot Camera (placed in my Kayak). I was running a little late (my Yak had come loose) so Bernie turned back around looking for me.

Well little did he know the sand was soft like quicksand and his left rear tire just sunk.

I didn’t think our little kayak tie down straps would hold up to me pulling him out of it, so you’ll have to see the video to see what happens!

EDIT: This is the new video where I actually show the truck pulling out the jeep.

Link to the video

Check back later for more videos!


Tire Selection And Why It Matters

When you really think about it, the wheels are the one thing on your car or truck that is in contact with whatever surface you are driving on. So no matter how great your suspension is, or any other part on your truck, if you are on the wrong tires, you are going to have issues.

When choosing the right tire, you want to consider the conditions you drive in.

If you live in the desert, you want to have a tire that does well in the heat and even the sand.

If you live primarily in an urban environment and never off road, then you purely want a tire to last a long time and have good grip on the road.

If you like to go mud bogging, and that is what this site is about, you are gonna want a tire that does good in wet and muddy conditions.

Here is the link to youtube.com.

If you are like me, you want a big aggressive looking tire that also performs well off road, but doesn’t cost a fortune. For my money, I recommend you look into the following Toyo and Nitto tires.

My first choice:
Toyo Open Country M/T

My second choice:
Nitto Mud Grapppler

Check back later, as I hope to give a more thorough review of both of those tires.

Read more about mud tires here.